Banana prune frozen yogurt recipe

Ok so banana and prunes don’t sound like the most appetizing combination ever but theres a reason behind such culinary madness.

Back when I was in University about 2006-2007 I decided I was going to become Vegetarian, unfortunately my body couldn’t keep up with such a dramatic shift in my diet. I took a bit of a nasty turn one day and it totally took me by surprise, the doctor told me it was a combination of stress and change in diet that had brought it on.

However lately I’ve been wanting to change my diet again this time I’m going for a much slower change of pace. About a week ago I started feeling really tired and drained again, worried that I was going to take a turn I thought perhaps improving subtile aspects of my diet was key to keeping it up. In step banana prune frozen yogurt.

If your looking to pack in some extra vitamins its a sneaky way to do it and this past weekend here in the UK we were having a little mini heatwave. If you don’t have an ice-cream maker don’t worry neither do I. This recipe has a really rich deep banana flavour thats entirely natural, if I was to make this again I think I’d substitute maple syrup for a strongly flavoured honey.


1 cup of thick greek style yogurt
4 ripe bananas
1/2 cup of prunes, roughly 6
4 tsp of rum
4 tablespoons of maple syrup


1. Get your blender or food processor out and blend all the ingredients together.
2. Have a little taste, if your not happy with how sweet the flavour is add extra maple syrup.
3. In a shallow tupperware box or metal cake tin pour your mixture in and put it in the freezer.
4. Every half hour or so give your mixture a stir, this will stop large ice crystals from forming.
5. Once it has gotten to a soft consistency leave it to totally freeze for an hour or two.
6. Try a little bit of your frozen yogurt, yum yum! If the texture is a little grainy get your blender out again and blitz the yogurt and put it back in the freezer for a little while.

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