How Little Wren Pottery got its name

I quite often get asked how Little Wren Pottery got its name, its quite a long story of builders and birds so I hope your sitting tight!

We were having some building work done to our house and it was getting pretty depressing, our house was a bomb-site for months even on Christmas day.

The garden is always full of birds looking for a tasty meal and our builders hadn’t been back for several months. We were moving into springtime and the birds outside were building nests. Hopping around outside was a little Wren who decided he was going to build a nest in our exposed cavity wall insulation.

I had horrible visions of Mr and Mrs Wren getting trapped in the wall forever! Or worse abandoning the baby birds because of human activity when the builders came back. So I tried everything to persuade this tiny bird to build his nest elsewhere.

Despite my best efforts he built a nest in the cavity wall. Wrens build more than one nest so that the female will pick the one she deems most suitable for her needs. Of course Mrs Wren chose the warm cosy insulated nest so close to our house.

I was quite impressed that this tiny bird had persevered against the big scary humans to father some even tinier chicks. The builders didn’t come back until the following winter by which point the baby birds had all fledged and flown away.

When I was trying to think of a name for my shop I was inspired by the hard working nature of the Wren to succeed against all odds, something I’d hoped to rub off on me!

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