Personalised pottery

Recently I received an unusual request from a customer, to make a yarn bowl with a message on it.

I’d never previously been confident enough to make something like this, I’d always wanted to add more calligraphic flourishes to my pots but I haven’t really yet delved into decorative techniques.

I’ve always loved the soft brush strokes of Japanese and Chinese calligraphic artists painting messages on pots. I like how instantaneous it looks, you can see all the flourishes and although it may not be perfect theres a certain beauty there.

When you look online at how other ceramic artists are customising their work you do see a lot of letterpress stamps. This of course means that its a lot faster to customise items, I’m quite keen on getting hold of a set even though I’ve never used them.

I do think that the handwritten script has a character of its own rather than looking like a reproduced font face though. After all your buying something handmade for a reason, anyway I can only hope that she likes it!

2 thoughts on “Personalised pottery

  1. stephanie bates says:

    I am the customer who requested the personalization, I am absolutley over the moon with the design and calligraphy i think victoria has done a fantastic job and would recommend her to anyone. I know my mother-in-law will be very pleased and is a big fan of supporting local bussinesses.

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