When things go wrong

There are plenty posts out there on the internet about the charmed life of crafts and handmade. Very rarely though do they talk about the frustrations of being an artisan, what could be the flip side.

I know its not often openly admitted but making things is hard, it requires co-ordination between our hands and brains. Quite often what you set out to make isn’t achieved and you’ve got to try again.

There are plenty of things that come out of this process along with the frustrations of sitting behind the wheel and ending up with a bowl rather than a mug. New previously unthought of ideas can emerge, accidental creations.

Of course theres also a lot of self doubt – why aren’t things turning out as planned? Sometimes its better to stop and walk away, perhaps your mind isn’t open to crafting at the moment. I often find when I’m too busy thinking about other things my mind isn’t focused to the task at hand, its thinking about that new email I have to draft or dinner to make or any number of worries.

Its a really difficult place to be in because a lot of the time craft can calm those worries by emptying our thoughts and other times it makes you feel more anxious because it feels like failure.

Its really difficult but don’t despair maybe its time just to step away and have a well earned cuppa.

3 thoughts on “When things go wrong

  1. Maimy says:

    I find it soooo hard to walk away when something I’m making isn’t working out! But you’re right, sometime all it takes is a cup of tea to gain some perspective 🙂 Self doubt is always difficult to wrangle with too, but then I usually find that after everything that can go wrong HAS gone wrong, things suddenly start going right… Cup of tea, deep breath, start again.

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  3. Joseph says:

    I think the reason people don’t always talk about the tough side of being an artisan is because of fear of it not seeming professional.

    A lot of my worries dissipate when I’m throwing, but that in and of itself can bring its own frustrations when it doesn’t go right. A break is always good when things don’t go right.

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