I love autumn as you probably know by now but one particular highlight for me is Halloween. Every year I try and get my hands on a pumpkin or two for cooking rather than carving.

I’d noticed that this year there seemed to be a holdup in pumpkins hitting the shops even though there’d apparently been a bumper year due to the unseasonably warm weather at the start of spring.

I managed to get myself this giant pumpkin which I’m going to carve up and cook this weekend. It’ll then get turned into cupcakes, pies and possibly cheesecake – I’ve never made cheesecake before.

I also wanted to talk about some special seasonal items that you can currently find in my shop. I’ve got some small spooky halloween cauldrons for sale, they feature little stubby feet on the bottom and are a bit more substantial than the plastic ones in the shops.

If you live in the UK you can still order them for delivery before the big night on the 31st!

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