Knitting magazine and yarn bowls

Lately I was fortunate enough to bag a feature slot in GMC’s ‘Knitting’ magazine in the November issue. Its all about yarn bowls and bells.

I’d like to say hello to all those new people dropping by my site for the first time, its great to have you here.

Currently yarn bowls are proving to be one of my most in demand products, they make great gifts for knitters. Unfortunately I don’t currently have any in stock! If you’re one of the folks wanting to get a hold of one please contact me.

I have a number of them awaiting glazing and they’ll be ready by next week. Alternatively if you’d like something custom made just for you then don’t be shy, feel free to contact me via my website or through Etsy.

I’d also really like to thank the staff at Knitting for including me, its been my first magazine inclusion and certainly been quite an experience.

I’ve been generally trying to improve the design of my yarn bowls. Its really important to not just create pieces but also take them for a test drive and understand how they work in the real world. As a knitter I’ve got an insight to what makes an efficient design but its tricky, what comes out on the wheel isn’t always the best design but thats the nature of handmade.

Anyway its been a real thrill to see my work in print!

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