Adventures in Florida

You might of noticed that I’ve recently been a bit quiet online, well thats due to me being away the last couple of weeks in sunny Florida!

It was my first family holiday in four years so it was quite a big deal. We all had a great time and I was kinda sad to come away but unless you win the lottery all good things must at some point end.

I actually took more pictures of animals and plants than I did people while I was there! It was mostly the lizards which fascinated me, they’re of course native to florida and are almost as common as sparrows or blackbirds here.

Since I got back I’ve noticed a distinct change in the weather to being autumnal, in a way I’m actually looking forward to the changing of the seasons since I love autumn.

The food and golden colours of autumn are just something that I personally enjoy. Anyway hopefully next week things will be back to normal!

2 thoughts on “Adventures in Florida

  1. Maimy says:

    I did wonder where you’d got to! I’m glad you had a good time 🙂 Ohh look at that blue sky… yes, autumn is definitely settling in here (I have a hot water bottle under my feet and a cat on my lap. Says it all really). xx

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