Konnie Kapow!

I first came across Konnie on the Folksy forums and was really taken with her unique and eye-catching cards. She and Mr Kapow, who also provides artwork for the cards, live in Glasgow.

I’ve been to Glasgow quite a few times and it has a growing reputation for independent artists and designers who break away from the madding crowd of mass production.

What I enjoy most about their cards is they’re really geared up for that special someone, theres nothing generic to be found here! As soon as I saw Konnie’s Cowboy cards it made me think of my Dad who loves to reminisce about being a young boy idolising John Wayne.

As I followed Konnie’s tweets and blog I felt as though I got to know her better and was really surprised to read their story of how their venture into online sales came about. In an interview Konnie said that she suffers from anxiety and Mr Kapow suffered from post University blues.

From what I knew about them it was really difficult to imagine, but then we all have low days and its great that craft can help alleviate some of lifes problems.

When Konnie isn’t making cards you can read her exploits of failed cakes and attempting to be the worlds best domestic anti-goddess. It always gets a giggle out of me, thanks Konnie your awesome!

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