Pottery now in red!

I wanted to respond directly to a few of the comments left in my survey and let you have a peek at what I’m currently working on.

The most requested colour in the survey was red. I’d been thinking about introducing red into my glaze collection since I’d been asked for it on occasion in the past. So guess what?

I now have a red glaze! Its a beautiful Tivoli Red which gives a deep ruby colour when its thick or fabulous shaded tones when its spread thinner.

Red was quickly followed by a call for more blue and green. In my last firing I glazed a few test pieces in green but they didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped. I’ll be giving this another shot soon so fingers crossed it’ll come out better next time!

You might notice a couple of cappuccino cups in the picture, these also didn’t turn out quite as planned! I think if I made these again they’d be much bigger. As my mum would say you just notch these things up to experience.

Another colour that came up was purple, its actually one of my favorite colours and a pretty unusual one for pottery. Its something that I’d really like to do once I’ve mastered other colours so watch out for it in the future!

I was also asked about making a mortar and pestle in pottery but its unfortunately something you can’t do due to the technical limitations of clay.

At the moment I’m working on two new ranges soon to be introduced to the Little Wren Pottery site in time for Christmas. The first is ‘Celestial Sun and Moon’ and the other is ‘Garden creatures’.

This week I was also featured on the honey and sweets blog thanks go to Catherine!

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