North Yorkshire craft fair in Yarm

If you keep up with my tweets you’ll know that I participated in Yarm craft fair on Sunday, it was great to meet so many new shoppers and sellers from my local area!

The event was held at the lovely Preston Hall which I later found out was also a museum, it was in some lovely parkland that was great to explore on foot.I also visited the butterfly farm that was close to the venue. It was the first time I’d visited a butterfly farm and it was so great to see them fluttering about in all their many colours. They also decided to land on me a couple of times which I found quite magical.

Another first was actually exhibiting in a craft fair, I learned a lot in terms of getting my stall set up. I’ll give you a quick run down on things I wish I’d done.

Tried more variations on visually setting up my stall. I probably should have tried more permutations on the orientation of my stall rather than just leaving it the way I thought was best at the time. Changing it on the day isn’t a bad idea rather than sticking to your plan.

Having a more neutral coloured table cloth. I actually liked the natural tones of my tablecloth, I like to think that communicates something to my buyers but it needed to be bigger and a little bit plainer.

More stand blocks. I was really impressed with the set up of some of the stands and I wish my stall had looked higher and more built up from the table itself.

Thanks to neighbouring stall holders Sarah Ford, Heartfelt4U, Rosa Maria Dudzinski and Fairly Scrumptions who gave us an incredibly tasty box of cakes to take home with us!

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