Finland has it all!

So its been a week or so since I last posted, yes I’m still here!

I was away last week in beautiful Finland. I went there last year and loved it so much I just had to go back.

This time we were mostly based in the Helsinki area where we visited the excellent Design Museum which was having a retrospective of Oiva Toikka’s work. Oiva is most famous for creating glass birds and starting the company Iittala, ceramics and glass share design aspects even if the making process is radically different.
We also visited a couple of yarn shops in the area and I picked up some Finnish yarn. First up was a shop next to the Savotta restaurant. Although this was mostly a touristy shop I found the yarn to be quite a high quality. Much of it was hand dyed in lovely colours and also Finnish heritage yarn could be found here too.

I was really keen to buy some more so I visited Menita next to the Design Museum, it was really easy to find. They had a bigger range than the previous shop but a lot of it was yarn I’d normally find at home such as Rowan. In the end I came out with four skeins of Pirkka Lanka which is apparently the most popular yarn in Finland. I can see why too! Beautiful rich colours, 100% wool and tremendous yardage make for great knitting.

We also did the tourist thing and went to Moomin World, I really loved going around Moomin house! If you think that Finland is a weird place to go on holiday because its cold think again – when we were there it was getting up to 30 degrees daily. Every day was swelteringly hot with unbroken sunshine.

Kiitos to all the Suomi folks who put up with our very bad Finnish!

3 thoughts on “Finland has it all!

  1. Maimy says:

    I’m so jealous! I bet the Oiva Toikka exhibition was wonderful to see, and I SO want to go to Moomin World!!

    Thank you for sharing, the photos are great 🙂 xx

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