Blogging tips for crafters

You may have noticed in one of the comments in my previous post Carolyn asked for some blogging tips. These are just my tips they aren’t definitive and I’ve probably left a lot out.

I think blogging can be separated into different actions.

1. Preparing your post.

Even before you start writing your blog post you should be thinking about what you’re going to write about. I usually try and start thinking about my next post straight after my last one.

This gives me time to think about it and prepare any photos required for the post. In taking photos you should treat these exactly the same as the product photos you have in your shop. Make them look professional even if you only use two or three in the end.

2. Writing good copy.

On the internet people have short attention spans, make sure your posts aren’t too long. having pictures to support your post is part of this. Photos can portray your intentions more vividly than words can in some cases.

Identify different types of posts you might want to create and gear your post up to this, I’d recommend only writing about one subject at a time. If your targeting keywords these need to be mentioned at least three times in your article.

Above all make sure your personality comes across but your articles should have a purpose. Maybe to educate, showcase or just tell a story.

3. What your visitors don’t see.

You should be working hard behind the scenes to create an SEO friendly blog. If your not using it already All In One SEO plugin works wonders for my blog getting me traffic from keywords.

Also simple things like putting Alt tags on images and categorising your posts can go a long way to targeting more web traffic.

If you’ve got any questions just post a comment below! Also this last week I was featured on the UK Handmade blog, take a look inside my studio here.

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