Getting crafty for Fathers Day

Dads are difficult, for some reason mothers day is easy perhaps its something about being the same gender. New shoes, a handbag, trip to the spa all these things are great for Mums but what about Dads?

I’ve got my fathers day just about wrapped up but if you’re still struggling for ideas heres some great craft tutorials of things you can make yourself. Handmade always means more, perhaps its not as expensive but you put in the time and effort to make something just for Dad.Make an upcycled handlebar bike bag

A fridge picture frame for that family photo

I made my dad a hazelnut and chocolate cake but you could try these mustached cupcakes, I think they look great!

I bought my Dad this ’dad songs’ card from Konnie Kapow on Folksy and some fabulous shaving soap from The Beer Soap Company.

Even if you don’t have a present for Dad maybe just a handmade card and spending the day with him digging the garden, watching the world cup or going out for lunch would be a fantastic gift.

Hope you all have a great Fathers Day this sunday!

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