Crafting together

Its been a while since I posted anything that was directly craft / making related. I was asked the other day by Amity of the UK Etsy blog if I could provide some photos of me and my dad together both what we’re like now and when I was young.

I didn’t actually have any pictures on hand of myself and my Dad crafting, we don’t normally craft together at the same time and usually I just ask him for advice if I’m having difficulty. So the other evening there were some pots that needed glazing and so we decided to do them together for a change.I’ve gone on about glazing before in my blog so I won’t go into it in great detail. I have however been working on a number of custom orders lately. Blue and yellow wren mugs, a set of coffee canisters, bowls, utensil holder and some half pint beakers.

Thats quite a lot of custom work! When I started the Little Wren Pottery shop I didn’t realise quite how many customs I’d be doing.

Once our little photo session was over I had a look at some of our old photos. For some reason I felt quite strangely nostalgic. My mum called them ‘all of our yesterdays’ and somehow that felt quite sad.

The other thing that struck me was how happy we all seemed to be especially when I was very small. It made me think perhaps we should craft together more often because sadly there are only so many yesterdays.

Also my black cake stand is now for sale! It was featured on the Cuteable website in their Tuesday weddings collection here, my northern lights mugs were showcased on the spots and stripes blog too! Thanks for all the features.

One thought on “Crafting together

  1. Maimy says:

    Lovely photos! My Dad put a load of old photos up on facebook recently, all very nostalgic and that strange kind of happy-sad. It’s a good thing though. I think the knowledge that you’ve had happy yesterdays is precious 🙂 x

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