Scottish pottery adventures

Over the long weekend I took the opportunity to get away and visit Scotland, I initially wanted to go visit some of my old University friends but then I realised I’d be around for potfest!

Our weekend started with a trip to Edinburgh, I was quite determined to visit a knitting shop I’d heard about called K1. I certainly wasn’t disappointed when I got there! I thought it was a great little shop selling some really good quality knitting yarns and other materials.
I got my mum some lovely Brittany needles and crochet hook, I thought about buying some yarn but in the end I opted for the latest Interweave Knits magazine. IK isn’t very common in the UK and it can be quite difficult to get hold of so I took this opportunity to indulge in some new patterns.

We had a walk through the park and ended up in the Westport area of Edinburgh in some really bizarre bookshops!

Sunday we made our way to Stirling to attend pottiest, it was really interesting to see the difference between the show in Scotland and Cumbria. I didn’t feel there was a particularly large amount of Scottish potters actually at the show, many had come from the south of England but they seemed to be doing a good trade.

I was interested to have a look at the stall designs and how people were presenting their work. I’m going to be selling at my first craft fair in Yarm ono the 18th of July so hoping everything will go well!

Another place we visited was the Cairn O’Mohr winery just outside of Perth. I’ve known their wines for a number of years now but it was the first time I’d actually visited the winery myself. Its a pretty eclectic place full of unusual sculptures. Despite the craziness it does feel really homely rather than being a mass produced bottling plant which is great!

If you get the chance to try out some of their wines I’d highly recommend the Strawberry sparkling wine and the Oak Leaf wine. Lovely.

In other shop related news you can now find me on Dawanda, which means if your a european visitor to the site you can get great Euro postage rates!

3 thoughts on “Scottish pottery adventures

  1. Maimy says:

    Sounds like a really nice time — though I don’t know how you managed *not* spending a fortune on yarn…

    & I’ve just realised how close you live to me, after you mentioned Yarm I had to check! I hope it goes well for you next month (I’m sure it will). I will have to have a day trip if I can 🙂

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