Sunderland pottery

A few months back UK Handmade started a competition for community members to write an article to be showcased in their magazine. The only limitation was that it had to be on a craft theme.

I wanted to write an article about pottery and since I knew a little already Sunderland pottery was my chosen topic. Theres surprisingly a lot of information on the internet about the topic already but I wanted to bring it into the limelight by featuring it.Typically Sunderland pottery is painted Lustreware pots and Frog mugs. I love Frog mugs they have such character, they originated from a 17th century prank where a real frog was placed in a mug of beer. Obviously you can imagine the startled surprise of the drinker!

Eventually the real frogs were replaced with pottery ones, most of these are cast to have open mouths and are in an animated position.

If your unfamiliar with Lusterware its a porcelain pot with an opalescent glaze which gives it a beautiful sheen. The underglaze is usually pink but sometimes orange.

As part of my research I visited Sunderland’s Winter Gardens, it has the largest collection of Sunderland pottery in the world. Although I never feel like many people go in to see the exhibition, its sort of hidden away in a corner of the museum.

I generally enjoy visiting the winter gardens though they have a beautiful indoor tropical plant house and a pond with some rather huge koi carp in it!

So I’m hoping I’ll win the contest but who knows. In other news you can now ‘like’ Little Wren Pottery on Facebook, I don’t have so many followers yet but feel free to join in.

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