Green tea and chocolate cake

I’ve been a fan of bakerella site for a while now but until recently all I’ve been able to do is admire the pretty pictures. Last weekend I bought some American style measuring cups from John Lewis.

I was really eager to try them out! So for my first project I decided to make the green tea and chocolate cake from bakerella.

Hopefully as I get a bit more experienced with using cups my technique will improve a little I did end up spilling some of the ingredients around the kitchen a little. What I was really impressed by was the speed at which I was able to put this cake together. Cups are quicker than scales.If I was to make this cake again I’d probably put in two cups of sugar, I chickened out at 3 cups and put in just the one it didn’t turn out sweet enough. Also I’d make the cake in two separate bowls to get a more even batter between chocolate and green tea.

I also didn’t put in enough butter, there wasn’t much left in the fridge but instead of butter next time I think I’ll use oil instead of butter and maybe use sour cream instead of milk.

Anyway I was really surprised at how great this turned out despite all the initial problems I had using cups. I’m really keen to try this again at some point!

Also you might notice there in the picture thats my new cake stand! It’s not perfect but black is a pretty unusual colour for a stand right? I’ve been added to the website directory and if you haven’t entered my contest yet you should it ends next Sunday.

5 thoughts on “Green tea and chocolate cake

  1. Maimy says:

    Ohh that looks tasty… & the mess is half the fun 🙂

    And the cake stand looks really nice, probably the most (only?) classy cake stand I’ve ever seen!

  2. Laura says:

    Wow! What a cake! And what a site! Got cup measuring doofers with a bread maker and must have a go with something other than bread recipes, thanks for sharing!

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