Etsy showcase – Lazygiraffe

It’s been a while since I last featured another seller on my blog so I’d like to introduce Lazygiraffe who I mentioned in my last post.

Based in Cambridge she produces elegant jewelery made from vintage beads, charms, silver, brass and gold. Since many of the beads featured in pieces are often small run vintage beads many of the pieces are unique and one of a kind.

I’ve often had problems with my hands turning green from jewelery but thankfully Lazy’s is nickel free which is great.

Often the pieces for sale have a modern vintage look, particularly the earrings. As well as a retro inspiration many of the earrings echo nature such as the rainfall necklace or cute dainty flowers.I really love how the pieces are photographed in particular, they appear so sharp and really show of the jewellery with the textured grey background.

Feminine without being too fussy thats what makes me think of lazygiraffe!

Lazy has shops on Etsy and Dawanda and you can also find her on Twitter.

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