Hand thrown mugs a work in progress

Last week on the blog there wasn’t a great deal of detail about some of the things I’ve been throwing recently.

About a week ago I started working on some wheel thrown cylinder and bulb shaped mugs. Most of these have now been turned and their handles put on, they’re ready to go into the kiln for their biscuit firing.Some of the bulbed mugs feature a little wren made from clay. Each of these has been created from a plaster press mould and affixed to the surface of the pot. I created the plaster mould around christmas time and I’ve been looking for an excuse to use it ever since!

I’m also in the process of developing some ceramic buttons, if you have any suggestions of what you particularly like or dislike about certain button designs I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

I recently joined Artfire and UK Handmade so you can look me up on there as littlewrenpottery or Victoria Baker. My summery yellow splashed biscuit jar was featured on the cuteable.com website as part of Etsy’s euro week too.

2 thoughts on “Hand thrown mugs a work in progress

  1. Sarah Knight says:

    looks good : )
    I could never master the throwing pottery part of ceramics, probably because I never tried that hard. I was really into doing leaves, and enjoyed a lot of slip casting. Ceramics was a great escape from illustration courses.

  2. Steve Ravitz says:

    hey I like this post. I found it from doing a google search. Ive been looking for this sort of thing for a while. This info will come in handy to me. I will check back soon to search the rest of your blog. thanks

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