Etsy showcase – Wilde Designs

A while ago you may remember that I was featured on the Wilde Designs blog well I’m going to feature wildemoon as my first etsy blog showcase as a massive thankyou.

Texan crafter wildemoon has been interested in crafting and jewellery from a young age, with that in mind much of the shop is filled with original art, magnets and bracelets.The day job for wildermoon is as a graphic designer so some design services are also offered such as creating banners and avatars for other etsy shops.

Anyway back to the Wilde Designs shop, its divided into a variety of sections corresponding to style. The styles range from retro vintage, punk and even antique style. The ‘Barbie Murders’ range shows that wildemoon certainly has a real wicked sense of humor when it comes to creating new pieces.

I really love the product photos, something I myself could do with improving! They showcase each piece really well, I particularly like the magnet photos since they looks so shiny. Thats my inner magpie coming out!

Also if your looking to find some new sellers on etsy I’d recommend checking out the Wilde Designs blog, it regularly showcases new exciting crafters from a variety of disciplines.

Finally I wanted to mention that I’m working on a tea, coffee and sugar canister set for arilaflower at the moment. It’s only my second custom order, so far I’ve learn’t a lot from the first so fingers crossed this one goes more smoothly.

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