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I’ve recently started doing custom orders in my shop, I managed to get the ball rolling with Shadow from FeltFusion.

She requested two items a berry bowl and yarn bowl.

The first step was to sketch out some designs of how the bowls might look once finished. Then it was on to the wheel to try and make these bowl designs become a reality.

Up until this point all was going well, however I had ordered a new kiln and it arrived new and shiny in January. I was quite eager to take it for a proverbial spin and loaded it up for its very first firing.
This is where the problems started. The first problem with the kiln was the lid, during the firing process the kiln reached the appropriate temperature but then started beeping alarmingly. The kiln lid wasn’t affixed correctly and the bolt holding the lid to the kiln body was too loose. The loose lid meant that the safety mechanism on the kiln was forcing it to throw out an error.

Most of the pots survived the intense heat and came out of the process to be biscuit fired. All except one of the yarn bowls, the intricate design unfortunately snapped.

So one loose screw tightened and all appeared fine. The next issue was glazing.

The glaze was brushed on to the surface of the pot rather than being dipped, although this gave an interesting kind of finish to the piece I wasn’t exactly happy with how it turned out. So far I’ve learnt a lot from doing custom orders, in the future I hope that things will go a bit more smoothly!

I’m also going to be doing some more berry bowls so watch out for those. Unfortunately I’m still having kiln problems so I’m hoping in the next few weeks it’ll all be sorted out. Fingers crossed.

In the meantime I was featured in an article called ‘The Name Game’ on indiesmiles. It’s a sellers guide to choosing your shop name and the different approaches to picking.

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