Pistachio and chocolate macaroons

So I can finally reveal what I made my other half for Valentines. Pistachio and chocolate macaroons! Here’s some eye candy to get you salivating.

If you want to have a go at making these then heres the recipe!


– 140g pistachios
– 250g icing sugar
– 2 egg whites
– 100g low fat soft cheese
– 25g 70% dark chocolate

How to make

1. Heat your oven to at least 160C

2. Put 25g of icing sugar and the pistachios in a blender and whizz until fine. Mix with 175g more icing sugar in a large bowl.

3. Whisk the egg whites until you form stiff peaks. Add 50g icing sugar and whisk again until thick and glossy.

4. Fold in the nut mix. Spoon into a piping bag or like I did use a spoon to form small rounds of the mixture on parchment lined trays. Each one should be about the size of a 10 coin but I made mine on the large side.

5. Leave them to dry for 30 mins before putting them in the oven, bake for 12-15 mins or until golden brown.

6. Beat together the cream cheese and melted chocolate, use this mix to sandwich the macaroons together.

7. Eat and enjoy : D

In other news you can now read an interview I did for the creative genius site about my hand thrown pottery. Creative genius is a pretty new blog featuring interviews with crafters of various disciplines.

If your interested in finding a bit more out about me and how I produce my pottery it’d be an insight into the process.

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