Be a crafty valentine

Its almost valentines day, this year its on a Sunday and I thought what better an excuse to get a bit crafty. Unfortunately because my other half will more than likely read this blog I’ll try not to give away any of my valentines secrets!

Valentines day dates back to the 18th century in the United Kingdom and the 19th century in the United States. Its often referred to as a ‘Hallmark holiday’ – one thats designed to push product rather than declarations of love.

Its often associated with romantic love and more often than not unrequited love. In other countries its also a time to show appreciation to your long suffering friends!

In trying to buck the trend of stuffed animals holding hearts heres some of my favourite crafty items some of them you can make yourself and others made by someone else.

Make it yourself

These button shaped shortbread pieces are incredibly adorable, I just love how they’re multicoloured. You can get the recipe at forty-sixth at grace. All you need is the recipe and some cookie cutters. If you don’t have any of those you could always make them too with this cool video tutorial from threadbanger.

If you’ve got some small trinket items you could try a small printable box which has a different design on each face of the dice from daily candy.

If your making treats these gift bag printables are just what you need to finish off the job. They come in two flavors one for chocolate brownies and the other is a red and pink valentines design.

If your looking for a bit of valentines day decor this paper heart garland is both pretty and simple you can find the tutorial on the how about orange blog.

Order online

My boyfriend is a total geek and I’m pretty sure he’d totally go for a circuit board valentines card. Its stylish and laser cut.

Theres nothing like a valentines day mystery and I just love the design of the secret decoder card by Crankbunny.

Regardless if if you make your own or buy it I hope you have a great Valentines Day this Sunday!

One thought on “Be a crafty valentine

  1. Nancy says:

    wow, you found really cool things for Val’s Day! Thanks for sharing – these are all new shops to me. It’s always fun to explore other people’s creativity.

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